This game should have had a Post-game, at least Fallout 3 got it right!

Post-Game content is the extra set of missions/challenges/story content that becomes available once you complete the main story of a video game. Usually this type of thing happens in open world games when you have done only a single main quest line and many others then tend to pop up. These types of extra content really help to expand on the game once you have gotten as much story material you can possibly find.

Many games tend to do post-game content well. The Pokemon series is well known for this type of gameplay however to my knowledge the best use of Post-Game content was actually in Fallout 3. With the addition of the Broken Steel DLC not only were you able to play after completing the original storyline you got to truly see the effect of your actions on the wasteland around you. It helped to make it seem as though your choices really did help or hinder the people around you, and that’s exactly the type of thing that Post-Game content should do.

What’s your favourite example 0f Post-Game content? Let us all know your opinion! That’s all for now, and as always. It’s not just a game, It’s a Life.

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