Pocket Camp

Well, at least it’s free

A very interesting mobile game was released recently and yet I haven’t really talked about it before. Animal Crossing Pocket Camp is Nintendo’s next dip into the mobile phone market with a downgraded and simpler Animal Crossing game.

The premise is fairly simple, true to the portable nature of the game it focuses on you living inside of a camper van and building up a campsite instead of a town. You can customise how your camper looks, the site itself and how your character looks. Then you can do your normal Animal Crossing stuff; Fish, catch bugs, meet the animal neighbours and accomplish tasks for them. It’s certainly not as in depth as the normal games and the emphasis on crafting items rather than buying them means that the microtransactions are pushed quite a lot but I suppose that’s why the game itself is free.

I haven’t unfortunately been able to play it due to my phone being ancient and so couldn’t run this even if it tried. From what I have heard however it’s fun and relatively inoffensive, so for a free mobile game there are certainly worse choices! That’s all for now, and as always. It’s not just a game, It’s a Life.

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