Pokémon Breeding

I feel your frustration fellow trainer

With the looming realisation that I will be on a very long train journey soon for a holiday of mine (I will let you all know when that is don’t worry!) I have decided to train up a team of Pokémon for use in competitive battling on the new games. The only problem is that training them in that game is incredibly difficult, so I’m doing it in Omega Ruby!

Still I sometimes feel that breeding Pokémon is a very long and arduous task just to have a team ready to be used in competitive matches. Not only do you have to worry about IV’s and EV’s but also Nature, what type of hidden power they may use, their egg moves etc. All of these technical terms being thrown at someone new to breeding makes it obvious why people tend to find it an uphill struggle when it comes to the process with many people being too scared to try it in the first place.

Still sometimes all the effort is worth it in the end when you have your godly Pokémon who stomp newer trainers into the ground, so I will most certainly be looking forward to that! That’s all for now, and as always. It’s not just a game, It’s a Life.

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