Overwatch Blizzcon 2017

The new hero, Moira!

So last weekend was an exciting time. Blizzcon was in full swing and plenty of information was revealed about the future of Overwatch. The first and most exciting part was the reveal of a brand new hero, Moira the evil Talon healer. She looks to be a blast to play, combining healing and vampiric draining damage which sounds like my dream hero. I look forward to when she is released on the PTR for testing.

Secondly was the reveal of a brand new map, Blizzard World! A Blizzard/Disneyland mashup with so much fan service and nods to other Blizzard games that it gets almost silly. Having such a fun fighting ground should hopefully shake things up for casual games, and who knows how it will be for competitive! Finally they revealed a huge amount of skins for heroes set to be released early next year. The new skins will reference other blizzard franchises, like a butcher skin for Roadhog or an Immortals skin for Orisa. I for one think most of the skins look incredible, and with them being added to just normal loot boxes and not being timed I can’t wait to try my hand at getting them.

Of course there was one other thing shown at the event about Overwatch, but I’ll save that for tomorrow. That’s all for now, and as always. It’s not just a game, It’s a Life.

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