Narrative Games

Stanley looked at a blog post...
Stanley looked at a blog post…

I was watching a playthrough of The Stanley Parable lately, a source based narrative driven game that is based purely on making choices to change the story you play. It brought about the interesting question on whether narrative games really do have.. well.. gameplay.

You might argue of course they do you do things and make choices and things in the game change and that is true. What I’m talking about however is something to keep you constantly engaged and, more importantly, something with replay value. For most of these narrative games you could just look at the story elements on a youtube walkthrough and pretty much have experienced the entirety of the game for free. So it is really worth paying money for something you could just see on youtube? Well you could always just get a glimpse from a video and then try the game out yourself to get the full experience, that is what I think is the best case scenario at this point.

So what do you all think about Narrative Games. Are they worth paying money for or should they just be free? Be sure to submit your opinion so we can discuss about it! That’s all for now, and as always. It’s not just a game, It’s a Life.

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