My Game is Better Than Yours!

The most recent example I can think of

There has been a lot of conflict in the world lately, unfortunately it surrounds many extremely important issues that could have major impacts on the rest of the world, while this issue may not be one of them I feel like trying to help bring people together. Many people tend to argue over which game they prefer in a specific genre however many others try to directly compare two similar games and claim that either one or the other is just copying and doesn’t deserve your attention.

This of course has come from looking at comments surrounding the topic of Paladins and Overwatch in which many people think one game or the other stole ideas from either studio. Despite the clear differences in the game’s design philosophies and styles while some heroes may look or play very similarly each game has their own spin on them in order to make them more interesting to play or fit into the gamemodes better.

Ultimately it shouldn’t matter which game you think is better or who stole who’s ideas. They are different games and some people love Paladins while others love Overwatch. Just stick to whichever game you like best and stop yelling, the world has enough angry people yelling about issues that don’t really matter and don’t make sense. That’s all for now, and as always. It’s not just a game, It’s a Life.

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