Engineer Classes

Dispenser goin’ up!

There’s one staple that seems to come up in multiplayer class shooters (or just multiplayer class games of any kind) and that’s a character or class that focuses on building turrets and/or supporting the team with ammo/armor. Normally these characters are defense orientated or have several devices that allow them to function in multiple roles.

Be it the multi-device powerhouse of the TF2 engineer, the furious fire dwarf of Torbjorn or the ruin delving shotgun surgeon Barik they all have their own unique twists on a fairly familiar role. It’s interesting to see just how many different variations that this type of character can have and just how powerful they are in their respective games. For example the TF2 engineer is considered extraordinarily powerful, especially on defence while Barik is considered generally underpowered in his game.

Whether or not you like this playstyle it has to be said that respecting and keeping an eye out for these (generally classified) support classes is important for the survival of your team in a long fight. Look after your engineer and they will look after you, most of the time anyway. That’s all for now, and as always. It’s not just a game, It’s a Life.

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