Microsoft E3 2017 Conference

Wow… It looks so different from the last one…

Microsoft is up next and they at least are bringing a few new things to the table that will make the conference memorable at least. THe most obvious announcement was of course what we knew as ‘Project Scorpio’ which is now known as the Xbox One X (What a ridiculous name). It’s stated to be the most powerful gaming console ever, with much more processing power than the Xbox One and almost all accessories and data should be compatible with the old system. However the price tag… $499… for an upgrade to a console. Looks to me as though they are trying to compete with the PC market, bad idea guys.

Of course there were some other games shown off. The new Crackdown game will feature Terry Crews as a main character, which pretty much will already double your sales. The new Assassins Creed game was shown off and is featuring a lot of Egyptian areas and a surprisingly overhauled combat system. Anthem, Bioware’s newest open world game had a full gameplay trailer which actually looked really good, however considering it is EA I wonder how downgraded the actual game will look in comparison to the segment we were shown. Finally of course was the huge announcement that Xbox Original games were coming to the Xbox One for their backwards compatibility program, which is most certainly a step in the right direction for how Microsoft should handle this.

Overall a not too bad presentation. Could be better, could be worse, let’s see how the rest pan out. That’s all for now, and as always. It’s not just a game, It’s a Life.

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