Let’s Play!

It should totally be a mouse instead…

One of the biggest enigmas to the outside world when it comes to the gaming circle is the idea of the youtuber Let’s Play. Essentially it’s just watching someone else play a game that you yourself could play instead. The idea of it does sound a bit strange however the big thing to take into account when it comes to let’s plays is of course the personality of the youtuber and also the market value of the game.

The personality is the easiest to cover. Some people like to see their favourite youtubers reacting to a certain game or even just parts of a game that they enjoy themselves. I know that I enjoy seeing people react to certain shocking things in a game for the first time just to compare it to my own reaction, you just can’t experience something for the first time more than once yourself however you can at least see what happened to other people.

Secondly the market value which is where I find some problems. A lot of viewers on these let’s play channels are of a younger demographic and as such might not be able to play/afford the game. I believe in supporting game developers and playing their work for yourself which is why I like it when a youtuber specifically does not cover a whole game just so it encourages people to buy it. However games such as those in the interactive storytelling genre at times don’t feel like they are worth their money, especially to people who don’t have that much in the first place, so I could understand why some people would do it if that was the case.

Anyway what do you feel about let’s play channels? Do you see the point in them and if not why do you believe differently? Be sure to let us know! That’s all for now, and as always. It’s not just a game, It’s a Life.

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