It’s Time to Duel!

Go away Jaden

Does anyone remember Yu-Gi-Oh? That card game from a while back that focused on summoning monsters and usi9ng magic cards? Well as it turns out I loved that card game and I have been looking for a way to play it only for a while, low and behold I came across Duel Links.

Originally a mobile game it fairly recently came out on Steam allowing me to play it properly. It’s completely free to play and focuses upon characters, cards and locations from the original Anime. I loved the old series but became tired once the more recent stuff was added into it but with this I can relive and enjoy the game as it used to be with all my old and favourite characters (I picked Kaiba by the way).

I’ve become slightly addicted to this game now, playing whenever I can. I encourage you to try it out as it’s great fun and there is a fairly active community playing it now. Don’t give any money to them though, it’s Konami, they don’t deserve it. That’s all for now, and as always. It’s not just a game, It’s a Life.

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