Item Progression

God that looks so cool!
God that looks so cool!

I’ve been really getting back into Skyrim again thanks to the new Special Edition that came out recently. I started playing a Nord Warrior (felt like staying true to the traditional Skyrim formula) and realised just how deep the smithing skill was. I now have a fantastic set of Dragon Armor for all my hard work and it feels absolutely amazing.

It really reminded me of just how important item progression systems are in these type of games. Starting off with the basic equipment and working across the entire game up to the most badass set of armor you can imagine not only provides a physical representation of how you and your character has grown but also allows you to feel like you truly accomplished something within your game.

This doesn’t even have to apply to things such as armor too! Having a loot box you own get bigger and bigger or just seeing enemies as smaller compared to you also help to provide the same sort of satisfaction. Maybe I’m thinking too much about this however I do think that games which include a good progression system really tickle my fancy but I’d like to hear what your opinions are on this type of system! Be sure to let us all know how you feel and which games you feel do this the best.

That’s all for now, and as always. It’s not just a game, It’s a Life.

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