Beat ‘Em Ups

ahh, the good old classic
ahh, the good old classic

The Beat ‘Em Up genre of gaming has gone down a bit of a silent path over the past few years. After recently trying out a game I’m not currently allowed to talk about I realised just how much this genre of gaming hasn’t been seen.

To those who don’t know (and how could you not!?) Beat ‘Em Ups are a series of 2.5D side scrolling games that focus upon you and/or your friends beating the crap out of any enemies that come your way. Games that are within this genre include Streets of Rage as seen above, which is probably the most well know game in the genre and many others like Golden Axe.

While I personally only played a few games in this genre originally I came to love the classic retro feel of the older games, especially with how smoothly they felt with fluid animations for different combat styles. Maybe the genre’s dissapearance is due to the rising popularity of competitive fighting games like Tekken or Street Fighter and the dwindling lack of interest in more ‘arcadey’ types of games, which also is probably why the ‘On-Rails Shooter’ genre seems to also have dissapeared.

What are your takes upon this subject? Do you think the Beat ‘Em Up genre is dead or do you think it will make a comeback someday? Be sure to comment and discuss! That’s all for now, and as always. It’s not just a game, It’s a Life.

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