Installation 01

This could be... incredible
This could be… incredible

I have recently discovered an incredible new game in development that I am most certainly going to be keeping an eye on from now on. Known as “Installation 01” it’s stated as being a completely free fan made Halo game for the PC platform that focuses on the classic multiplayer of the series. This means things like armor abilities or sprinting have been taken out and instead the game will focus on the mechanics of the series from the original trilogy.

This sounds like a dream come true to myself. A PC only Halo game that focuses on the good multiplayer formula!? Not to mention that it’s free and fan made. My only hope (and I suppose fear) is that this project does not get taken down by 343 Industries. The fan studio claim that this game is entirely legal however I still don’t think that will stop the ever consuming arms of Microsoft trying to make sure this project doesn’t drive away attention from the main Halo series. All I can hope I suppose is that the project does end up finished and that it manages to fill the missing part in my heart that only the Halo 3 community was capable of filling.

Are you excited for this project? If you are what do you think you will do once you get your hands on it? Let us all know! That’s all for now, and as always. It’s not just a game, It’s a Life.

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