Hit Me! Man!

Ahh airports, perfect assassination playgrounds.
Ahh airports, perfect assassination playgrounds.

So the newest Hitman game slated for release in 2016 has finally had the reveal date for its beta told, February 19th, but only on PS4 so far.

The beta is set to include what I believe is a full mission set many years in the past to show us how Agent 47 was actually recruited into the agency! Sounds like a great bit of lore that those who love the franchise will be eager to find out about. While the game is set to release on both PS4 and Xbox One (also PC) the beta seems to be PS4 exclusive so far with no known release date for the PC and no beta at all for the Xbox. Seems that IO Interactive is playing favourites but then again playstation has always been a hitman platform and with the success that the ps4 has had over the one it’s no wonder that it’s gonna get the better end of the deals.

Anyway what do you think of the new Hitman game’s beta coming out? Personally I loved Absolution so I hope this game is just as good! That’s all for now and as always. It’s not just a game, It’s a Life.

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