Game Updates.

Couldn't really find an image to go with this topic...
Couldn’t really find an image to go with this topic…

I wanted to ask you all about an interesting topic, the idea of game updates past release.

Now these updates are, of course, free and they tend to fix several issues the game might have had at release and even add new features. These can be great to really flesh out a game and they are usually vital for games such as Team Fortress 2 and the entire MMO genre. The thing that I have noticed however is that gaming companies tend to rush out games in order to fix them via patches lately. Maybe this is just meeting deadlines but when games are released in a completely broken state (See Arkham Knight PC) then it just makes the game seem so much worse even if it does end up getting patched.

Fallout 4 seems to be getting several patches lately but the game is still very buggy and even though Bethesda claimed they would be creating rapid patches to deal with the issues we only have gotten our first official patch yesterday. There are a lot of steps for getting patch approvals of course, especially on consoles, but really the fact that there are still several game-breaking issues and they haven’t even been addressed is concerning.

Anyway what are your thoughts on the trend of post-release patch fixing that the games industry seems to be going on lately? Be sure to let me know your views, a few voices can make a big change. That’s all for now, and as always. It’s not just a game, It’s a Life.

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