Head Against Brick Wall

#@&! you Evice you piece of ?%$@!

Games sometimes give you bosses or encounters that at the best of times can feel like you are trying to take down a brick wall with only your head. Some entire games, like the Dark Souls series live off the thrill of doing this and the whole point of playing it is to eventually break down that wall. However there are times at which this task just puts you off an otherwise good game.

My moment is coming from Pokemon Colosseum on the final boss. Now I am horribly underleveled for the task at hand and I probably should grind my levels until I am better prepared to fight him however that takes away a huge chunk of the fun in my opinion. Grinding is unnatural in games and especially in Pokemon, I don’t want to have to fight hordes of weaklings just so my guys are better prepared, I wanna face against a giant and at least stand a ghost of chance.

Still at this point maybe levelling my Pokemon up a bit would be a good idea, I could probably do it, I hope. Anyway I want to know about your experiences with these gaming roadblocks. What’s the worst one you have encountered and how did you get past it? Be sure to share your experiences with us! That’s all for now, and as always. It’s not just a game, It’s a Life.

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