Now if only the Loot Boxes were fairer…

Gaming has become more of a social hobby recently. Gone are the days of the stigma of gaming being associated with nerds dwelling in their mother’s basement (though that still does exist of course) and instead the increased push for online play and working together with others has created a more collective experience for the gaming sector.

With Christmas being so close now the spirit of gift giving is also soon to be upon us and thus gamers will no doubt be looking for ways to show their love and kindness to their allies in virtual arms by providing them gifts from within their virtual worlds. They take many forms, loot boxes, rare item trades, even just many kind words, gifts take many forms in the world of video games and thus they can be considered to be truly special.

Thus I ask you all of your own opinions upon this tradition. What gifts do you evjoy giving in your games (if you give gifts at all) and if so why do you do so? Be sure to let us all know what gesture will show the most love for your fellow gamers! That’s all for now, and as always. It’s not just a game, It’s a Life.

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