First Pokepressions

Get out of the road Pikachu!
Get out of the road Pikachu!

Over the course of this past weekend me and my girlfriend have been trying out the not yet released in the UK version of Pokemon Go on a variety of devices just so I could understand how I felt about this game.

I will say this, the game encourages exploration and walking around the world which I love as a concept. Introducing children to the idea of simple exploration again is a brilliant idea and being able to convince them to look around the real world and even look at monuments and learn things about they live is remarkable. I enjoy the mechanics of discovering Pokemon and capturing them is fun if a bit simplistic.

The big problem wit this game all comes from a technical standpoint. It’s nowhere near ready for release and feels more like a Beta to me. The game chugs on most devices, we went through about 3 separate phones and tablets before we got it to run steady, and even then it lagged at various points and glitched out causing crashes and frustration. The gameplay also seems a bit too simplistic and I am aware that this is to make it accessible but rather than trying to implement a way to teach people the mechanics they simply tone it down and let people work it out for themselves. Plus of course me living in the middle of nowhere should be fun to try and find some more Pokemon.

In the end though it was a bit of enjoyment but I wouldn’t find myself getting too addicted to the game. What do you all think of it? Be sure to let us know! That’s all for now, and as always. It’s not just a game, It’s a Life.

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