Dealing With Grief

I guess this is me.
I guess this is me.

So I recently lost someone very important in my family, dealing with the fact that this person was once here and is now gone still hasn’t truly hit me emotionally I don’t think. I haven’t cried, it’s strange emotions haven’t taken their toll yet. Instead I have been busy, playing games, working on this site, keeping myself occupied. Many people would say I’m distracting myself, and I would probably agree.

Gaming is a unique medium for handling grief as you can literally immerse yourself in a different world, one in which the bad things of the world are not happening. I wouldn’t say I am losing myself in the gaming world but I would say I am living in it for now. Call it unhealthy but I have done my mourning, going to a funeral has allowed me to get my feelings out where they needed to be. For now I play, I guess. Living in a world where things are controlled, where things are simple. The picture above, perhaps in many ways does represent me, I’ve regressed to a childlike state in thinking that I just get on and don’t pay attention, that;s just the way I like it.

I do apologise for this downer of a post but I wanted to get my words out there and let you all know I am ok. If anyone else has used gaming to deal with grief or any bad situation then feel free to tell us in the comments, sharing is caring as they say. That’s all for now, and as always. It’s no just a game, It’s a Life.

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