Competitive vs Leisure Play

I wish this many people turned up to watch me play games..
I wish this many people turned up to watch me play games..

After playing a lot of Overwatch recently I have begun to question whether I am into games for their compeititve side of their leisure factor. Sure every game is fun (to an extent) and every game is also designed to be competitive (especially multiplayer games) and so focusing on a single factor of a game seems like cutting them short.

You will always have youe Esport players and you will always have your casuals who just want to have fun and that is fine. You can be a mix of both. For myself I am getting pretty good at Overwatch and along with this I still find myself playing silly characters like Bastion every so often. Pokemon is another good example in that I love to play competitive however I still find myself using gimmicky teams every so often just to have a bit of fun. Gaming is all about balance and finding the right amount of it will make you have a better time.

So are you more of a competitive gamer or do you just play for fun? Or are you like me and are a mix of both? Let me know! That’s all for now, and as always. It’s not just a game, It’s a Life.

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