Cheery Gaming

Well he does look pretty happy there!

There are two main types of games when you boil them all down to their simplest components, games that make you smile and games that give you a serious complexion. Neither of these are wrong, indeed many games that take themselves too seriously and don’t rely upon making you happy have some of the greatest gameplay and stories that can be told in a game, however I wanted to focus today on the happier ones.

After playing Super Mario Galaxy for a good while over the past few days I can say that I really miss games that have a sense of awe and happiness bounding from them. Mario is always cheery, bouncing up and down and all around, even in death it’s played as a silly thing rather than something to be shocked or saddened about. Gaming is especially one of the most important mediums to be cheery and to make the users that interact with it smile as many people who may not be happy in life can simply take some time out of their day and enjoy themselves with feelings of purpose and bliss. I sometimes feel trapped in that cycle, and games like this are a great way to make me feel happier again, smiles are infectious I suppose.

That’s all for now, and as always. It’s not just a game, It’s a Life.

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