Catherine: Full Body

The new character, Rin!

Well this is a surprise. Of all the games to get a remaster on a new generation console Catherine was most definitely not what I expected. If you didn’t know, Catherine is a puzzle/story based game that centers around the troubles of a man named Vincent who after running into some troubles with his girlfriend ends up accidently sleeping with another girl who he meets at a bar. After this, strange events start to occur and of course as this is a Japanese game you end up fighting demons in a dream sequence while climbing blocks… because of course.

What is most interesting about this remaster for PS4 and Vita is the addition of a brand new character into the story, Rin. This character will apparently play the piano at the bar Vincent visits and can be considered a ‘3rd Option’ which should certainly help to mix things up on a new playthrough. Alongside this there will be upgraded graphics and even (strangely enough) an online mode. Somehow this game made it to EVO, the fighting game tournament, as to why I have no idea. Perhaps I shall have to research this, stay tuned to find out more! Anyway let’s hope that this remaster certainly lives up to the high quality of the original game.

That’s all for now, and as always. It’s not just a game, It’s a Life.

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