Bioshock: The Collection

Am I Dreaming?
Am I Dreaming?

So it was brought to my attention yesterday that after I posted about video game crossover mods and featured a particular mod for Fallout 4 with a crossover from Bioshock that there is in fact a remastered collection of the Bioshock series coming out! Even better though, if you already own the games on PC, you get these remastered versions for free!

This is absolutely fantastic as the main problem I always had with the original Bioshock now was just how inferior it graphically looked to Bioshock 2 however with this new (and wonderfully free I might add) upgrade they can finally look just as good as each other, and it will give me another reason to jump back into the world of Rapture.

Apparently the Bioshock Infinite remaster is only for consoles however, a shame but I don’t really care as I actually prefer the world of Rapture instead of Columbia and I will find a lot more enjoyment going on a diving adventure under the sea again. So are you all excited for this collection? Let me know however you wish! That’s all for now, and as always. It’s not just a game, It’s a Life.

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