Asset Flips

One of the biggest offenders of Asset Flipping, The Slaughtering Grounds

Asset Flipping is a term coined by the games journalist and gaming advocate Jim Sterling. It’s a term that described a group of games that use entirely store bought assets and mechanics in order to make a quick game to sell to people. Games like Digital Homicide’s “The Slaughtering Grounds” comes to mind when describing this kind of game.

Some of these developers even take whole tutorial levels or even practice games that you can buy from a certain gaming engine’s store page and re-sell them as their own creation. One of the biggest offenders of this is a store asset called “UnitZ”, a MInecraft style zombie survival game. I bring up this subject as many people still don’t know about these types of games and recently Jim Sterling made a video talking about how using assets on their own as a basis for creating your own game isn’t a bad thing, not at all.

In the end this type of thing is another tool to be used by certain developers. Most will use it in the way it’s intended to, for helping them create something in their game that might plug a creative hole or be more along the lines artistically of what they are looking for. However there will always be those type of people who just want to make a quick buck and those are the types that abuse this system designed to help honest working developers, so just be aware that these type of people still exist and still want to scam you out of your money.

That’s all for now, and as always. It’s not just a game, It’s a Life.

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