A Year in Review

Just a few of the games released over the past year

I am back from my small holiday and I am back for a brand new year, 2018 here we come. I felt it best however to look over the past year of gaming so we can all determine exactly how good this year has been for us.

2017 was certainly strange, a mix of incredible highpoints and big lowpoints, like a massive graph. We had amazing game releases, on the triple-A spectrum we had games like Super Mario Odyssey and Nier: Automata, on the indie side of things we had Cuphead and A Hat in Time, this year has brought us some incredibly innovative titles that will certainly make this year memorable.

On the other hand the rampant greed of the gaming industry really showed it’s ugly head this year. We had the whole Battlefront 2 fiasco, studios being closed down and generally the high budget and publisher focused sector of the gaming industry seemed to get just a little bit worse, let’s hope this trend simply was a fad this year and won’t continue for the years to come.

In any case this year has certainly been memorable for gaming, let’s hope 2018 brings us joy and of course good games. That’s all for now, and as always. It’s not just a game, It’s a Life.


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