A Sorry Bundle

Why does their logo look so angry?

So funny thing happened to me. I pre-ordered the new XCOM 2 expansion from a code selling site called Green Man Gaming. Their price was the cheapest with a code so I decided to try them out. Everything was pre-ordered and all was well.

Then came the release day. I have an early shift at work so I am away the whole morning, eager to play XCOM when I get home. Well funnily enough it turns out that the site was having problems sending out the codes to people as they should have been released at midnight. When they do end up sending them it’s around 12pm on the release day, so technically they are late. This of course didn’t matter to me though as I was still at work.

Well a couple of days later guess what, to say sorry for technically being late with the code they gave me six free indie games! Now that is how you do an apology, even though it didn’t really affect me. So I now have some new free games and I’m still enjoying my XCOM expansion at a reduced price. Thank you GMG!

That’s all for now, and as always. It’s not just a game, It’s a Life.

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