A Highlighted Test

I bet Torb was the one who created this new system

A new update was just released on the PTR for Overwatch and everybody is extremely excited. There’s no major gameplay changes this time however instead there are much needed changes to several mechanics that will make a lot of people happy.

The first comes in the form of your personal game highlights. Now instead of just getting Play of the Game highlights of your past few games you have a completely new system that gives you full control of what you use. A top 5 of the day function that allows you to see your latest things, a custom button that will let you record clips at any time and other useful changes. This will help you show your amazing clips even when they aren’t a Play of the Game.

Secondly the Loot Box system has been revamped. Duplicates no longer happen as often and instead new items and credits will be more frequent in order to make up for it. This should hopefully help players that felt the loot system was unfair, especially during timed events. I personally am really looking forward to when these changes go live, I can’t wait to see how the community will react.

That’s all for now, and as always. It’s not just a game, It’s a Life.

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