A Balancing Act

We are yet to see whether the community will be happy with these changes

I haven’t talked about Team Fortress 2 in a long time, let’s do that! Recently Valve announced various balance changes that they are implimenting within TF2 in order to make the game seem slightly more competitive, though some of the changes seem to be controversial.

Various popular weapons such as the Spy’s ‘Ambassador’ pistol and the Engineer’s ‘Rescue Ranger’ shotgun are being nerfed into oblivion and other weapons are seeing complete overhauls like the Medic’s ‘Vita-Saw’ Bonesaw that will function almost completely differently from how it used to.

Personally due to not playing the game in a while I can’t really say how these changes will affect the game, especially in the competitive scene. However from what people are saying currently many of the changes are not appreciated and several important changes that they wanted to see are still not here. Nevertheless we shall see how the community takes these changes, let’s see how this develops.

That’s all for now, and as always. It’s not just a game, It’s a Life.

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