We Never Saw It Coming


It turns out that the massive content drought we had surrounding Smash bros Ultimate was just waiting for the right opportunity to reveal it’s true nature. In a completely unexpected move Nintendo decided to release a short presentation showing off both the new character for Smash, Joker form Persona 5, and all the new features in the next big content patch which was then scheduled to come out, well, the very next day!

It’s out not and everything is extremely hyped up about all the new stuff that has been added to the game. Not only is Joker in the game of course but we finally have the return of the Stage Builder, a long awaited feature that people suspected might be in the game. The other big main features include an in-game video editor to make clips and montages a very easy process to create and the biggest thing in my eyes was the announcement of a massive online file-sharing feature which will allow people to share custom maps, screenshots and even videos online for all to see. This feature is amazing to me as it brings back memories of Halo 3’s file share and it will surely bring a lot of the community together to show off all the stuff they can do. This is a big patch, and the future of Smash looks very bright indeed.

That’s all for now, and as always. It’s not just a game, It’s a Life.

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