All-Out Attack!

I always heard from others about how Persona 5 was one of the most stylistic games made in recent times with an incredible soundtrack and unique artstyle in both the character and UI design that makes it really stand out among games. Now that I’ve tried out Joker in Smash and seen exactly what this style is I must say that I am most certainly hooked.

Style in games is an often overlooked thing that can lead to a game becoming timeless. Look at amazing cell shaded games such as the original Borderlands or Wind Waker, those games are almost completely defined by their style of graphics which have led to them aging very well over time rather than looking dated. It’s also why I am very much into pixel-style graphics as I adore the stylistic choices that go into making complicated pixel art. Octopath Traveller is a great example of this as despite it using ‘old’ graphics the pop-up book style it uses these older graphics in makes the game look absolutely gorgeous, as well as a great lighting system too of course.

From looking at the different art styles of games all I can think now is I certainly do hope that Persona 5 does get a Switch release as I am definitely going to give it a shot now that I’ve seen just how much style oozes from just one of the represented characters. Whoever said games are not art has no idea…

That’s all for now, and as always. It’s not just a game, It’s a Life.

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