The new Warframe Styanax!

The next Warframe update, Veilbreaker, is here and with it comes a huge bunch of changes and new things. We have a new quest which takes place after the fabled New War and sees you playing as a Grineer soldier, Kahl, as he works to free his fellow soldiers from captivity. There’s a new Warframe in Styanax, based off the Greek hoplites. A new endgame weekly mission system known as Archon Hunts and a new upgrade system to tie in with this known as Archon Shards.

Alongside all of this there are of course a slew of bug fixes, changes to starter frames, a redo on armor stripping abilities, new ways to rank with syndicate factions and many more things that would take too long to go over here. It seems as though the new team at Digital Extemes are fitting in well as this new update is a blast and if you log in at some point in the next two weeks you will gain access to the new Warframe without even having to farm them! So be sure to log in at some point soon to enjoy the new update and try playing as a Greek Hero-Frame!

That’s all for now, and as always. It’s not just a game, It’s a Life.

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