Under The Sea (of job listings)

Well, looks like I’m never going in the ocean ever again

To those that played it Subnautica was an incredible survival experience that at various points even managed to resemble survival-horror, especially to those with a fear of the ocean. After a successful sequel in Subnautica: Below Zero many fans were wondering what would happen to this franchise and where it would go next. Well according to a mysterious job listing on the developer, Unknown Worlds, website we may have an answer.

The job listing in particular is for a “Senior narrative designer to work with us to help shape the next game in the Subnautica universe!” which all but confirms that a new game is currently being developed. Where it will take place or what will be different about it is currently unknown as the job listing is obviously very vague about the whole project. Nevertheless the fact that another game has been confirmed will have fans giddy with excitement. I guess we shall just have to wait for a trailer to find out exactly how this next entry will take shape. I say flip the whole script on it’s head and set it in a desert Dune-style, you know you want to!

That’s all for now, and as always. It’s not just a game, It’s a Life.

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