Trackmania Troubles


Ubisoft have really pissed off a lot of racing fans recently, yeesht. They recently announced a brand new Trackmania game which is a beloved series of racing games that prides itself upon the fact that you can create your own tracks and many players state that as being the defining feature of these titles. This entry is also free to play which is nice however the way this is being monetized is what has got people so upset.

You see the game will have a subscription model which will charge you either $10 or $30 for the chance to use the stage builder multiple times and save several tracks while playing it for free will only allow you to save a single custom track. Now as you might imagine pay-gating your best feature behind a subscription service is pretty scummy and not only that but on the official forums to the game initially the community manager handling this game refused to acknowledge that this was even a subscription service, bringing even more confusion to the matter. Luckily Ubisoft released a statement clarifying the issue however as you might imagine fans are still very pissed off about all this. Hopefully the developers will make the right decision and introduce a one-time payment option to just buy the game and get all the features however considering this seems to be a corporate decision I wouldn’t get my hopes up.

That’s all for now, and as always. It’s not just a game, It’s a Life.

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