To Space, Again!

I love the mid-turn transition movement on the left Kerbal’s head, perfect shot

Gamescom is in full swing and a lot of new stuff is being shown off during the event. One of the biggest surprises was the reveal of a trailer for a sequel to the beloved rocket simulation game known as Kerbal Space Program. Now while I don’t have much experience with the series my brother absolutely adored this game and thus the announcement of a sequel is quite exciting to say the least.

The game is set to come out in 2020 and will have a bit more to do with sci-fi elements and further advancements in technology than the rather grounded original game. This means you can establish colonies on planets to build true rocket launching bases, a system to make rockets mid orbit, the ability to travel outside of the known solar system which will really open up the possibilities for exploration and even an official multiplayer component to the game. All of this seems as though this will be a much bigger game than the original which is sure to please fans and I for one am very excited to see it release and see if it lives up to the charm and love of the first game.

That’s all for now, and as always. It’s not just a game, It’s a Life.

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