Gaming has allowed fiction writers to create vast worlds that we couldn’t possibly hope to see in our lifetime which is one of the main appeals of this medium. One aspect that gaming likes to focus on is that of places that are outside of our known universe and in turn places us face to face with creatures that would blow our tiny human minds.

Some of my favourite games are ones that explore the relationships between that of humans and other intelligent life. Mass Effect is of course one of the big ones but even games such as Spore which looks at entire empires clashing, allying and fighting with one another. These aspects of Sci-Fi allow us to almost prepare ourselves for if this were to actually happen and really see the variety that people can come up with when it comes to their designs and philosophies.

What I’m interested in however is examples of alien species that you all enjoyed or found interesting. Please do let us all know by commenting and telling us exactly what species caught your eye, what game they were from and why you were interested by them. I look forward to seeing the variety of answers from this question. That’s all for now, and as always. It’s not just a game, It’s a Life.

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