You better be kind to the slime…

When we play games we often focus upon whatever the game tells us to do. If we are required to defeat evil aliens then we do so, if we need to stop a terrorist organisation then we stop them, but what about if we are told to forgive and forget?

Pacifism is a tricky subject to talk about especially when it comes to the video game spectrum. Games almost always are directly associated with violence due to the nature of defeating enemies which is most often what we do in the gaming world. Some titles do explore the idea of using words instead of violence in order to complete objectives like Undertale in which the main focus of the game is pacifism or even just having the choice to complete the whole game in a certain way to avoid bloodshed such as Fallout: New Vegas. It’s incredibly interesting to see the difference between those who would rather shoot first and those who want to talk it out in these type of games.

Do you find yourself engaging in Pacifism or at least trying to avoid bloodshed as best as you can in games? If so what is the reason? Be sure to let us all know your reasons! That’s all for now, and as always. It’s not just a game, It’s a Life.

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