The Warner Bros Interactive Split

So long WB

So here’s an interesting fact, I didn’t know that Warner Bros Interactive Entertainment, and also as such WB Games, was owned by tech conglomerate AT&T, go figure. Anyway after a restructuring event by their parent company it seems as though parts of Warner Bros will be splitting away and merging with one of their other media titans, Discovery, which due to me talking about it today of course means that one of the casualties of this is WB Games.

This means that not only will their own video game entertainment arm be scattered and changed by this decision but the studio also is a parent company itself to many other game companies including NeverRealm, Monolith, Rocksteady and more meaning that this merger and splitting up of the company will be a huge shake up for many of the companies under the WB side of things. Still I suppose this is just business for you. Apparently a spokesperson for the company said that they want to try and create a platform that will rival Netflix and Disney+ to which I say… well… good luck to you.

That’s all for now, and as always. It’s not just a game, It’s a Life.

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