The Steam Deck

Switch who now?

Perhaps the bigger piece of news that came about this past weekend was the announcement of a brand new gaming platform developed by none other than beloved Valve which aims to compete against the Nintendo Switch of all things known as the ‘Steam Deck’.

The Steam Deck aims to be a portable gaming PC that will run games with a good amount of performance whilst also remaining completely portable. While the device will be pre-installed with custom Steam software allowing a Playstation or Xbox-esque way to browse game libraries and play anything attached to your account it will also allow you to completely mod itself as the Steam Deck is essentially just a portable PC and as such all the software can be completely wiped and reinstalled if you so wish. The specs on the device are comparable to that of a mod way point between a PS4 and a PS5 with a focus on performance and as such whilst it may not be able to play games at their highest revolution or graphical capabilities Valve have focused on allowing all Steam games to be playable no matter what.

Combining with this is the fact that the device will not only feature a touch screen for easy navigation but also comes with a unique trackpad system that will allow you to simulate mouse movement in games that don’t work well with a traditional controller set up. Overall then with decent looking specs, a fair starting price at £349 and with a stated release date of the holiday season this year it seems as though Valve may truly be on to a winner of a system here. Time will tell of course and I probably won’t be purchasing the device until I have seen it in people’s hands and if I feel as though I may actually need a portable gaming PC but until then I hope this helps to bring about a new era of accessible and exciting PC gaming.

That’s all for now, and as always. It’s not just a game, It’s a Life.

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