Even the promotional images look… eh…

I’m always open to new concepts for games, even established franchises but when I hear that a new XCOM game has been released I immediately get excited. However as it turns out this may have been a huge mistake as this new entry in the series isn’t even developed by Fireaxis but by Iridium Starfish and is a free-to-play mobile game called XCOM: Legends. I’m getting really bad Diablo: Immortal vibes here.

As it turns out my instincts have been entirely correct as this new game is very clearly just a ‘gacha’ game that is designed to appeal to a mobile using Chinese audience as it shows off incredibly simple wave-based combat mechanics, hugely fantasy inspired armor sets and plenty of microtransactions. Obviously this is not designed for western audiences considering the amount of similar games like this but it’s such a shame to see a game like this wearing the renowned XCOM franchise name. Nevertheless we will see how the backlash is and if this means that big things are still coming to the franchise… I certainly hope so.

That’s all for now, and as always. It’s not just a game, It’s a Life.

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