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Man, looks like one hell of a party!

Ever since the teaser trailer was released for Fallout 76 gamers everywhere have been speculating on what it actually is. Is it a spin-off open world RPG similar to how New Vegas was? Is it an online survival RPG? Is it a normal single player experience with co-op? All of these have been speculated and due to supposed leaks some of them seem like they could be true.

A prominent Kotaku writer, Jason Screier, has stated that due to his sources that he cannot name the game will be an online survival game and that he cannot reveal more than that. Jason is notable as he previously leaked documents relating to Fallout 4 that turned out to be absolutely true. However this also apparently had him blacklisted from the company’s mailing list so whether this information will also be true remains to be seen.

I suppose E3 really will be the time for us to find out exactly what this all is. Many people are rightfully scared that Bethesda are following the whole online ‘live services’ trend so if this does turn out to be the case expect a lot of angry Fallout fans. That’s all for now, and as always. It’s not just a game, It’s a Life.

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