“I’ve Got Your Game In My Sights”

This new soldier skin looks pretty cool

It seems as though patience does eventually pay off. After watching the mysterious livestream for a good amount of hours Bethesda eventually revealed the trailer for a brand new Fallout game known as Fallout 76! (Seems as though you may have forgotten a few entries there…)

The game didn’t have any details revealed about it however the internet is awash with supposed leaks and rumours that paint an interesting picture for this entry in the franchise. First from the time seen on the pip-boy the game seems to be taking place around 25 years after the bombs first fell meaning that this will be the earliest in the timeline we have ever been. Second it seems to involve the titular vault, 76, which was supposedly a control vault that opens after 20 years. Lastly people believe that the game will take place somewhere in Virginia which is a location that people haven’t seen before in the Fallout series.

There is also a Kotaku article that states that they believe it will also have online elements so we shall see how this pans out. E3 can’t come soon enough! That’s all for now, and as always. It’s not just a game, It’s a Life.

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