The PSN Debacle

Not even the first time this network has been newsworthy… huh…

It seems as though Sony are having troubles with the PSN (Playstation Network) again, the service that allows you to play Playstation games online, and it primarily concerns platforms that aren’t even controlled by Sony.

Recently the hugely successful Helldivers 2 became de-listed in various countries due to the fact that you would be required to sign into a PSN account and many of these countries actually didn’t have PSN access, meaning a game they previously enjoyed playing just suddenly disappeared for no good reason. Sony then claimed they were backtracking on this choice, but the games have still yet to resurface and in fact even more countries have been added to this list since the announcement.

The reason why I’m talking about this generally however is that it’s happened again, this time with the remaster of Ghosts of Tsushima. Once again, because of a small co-op mode in the game, it now requires a PSN account no matter what platform you are playing on, including PC platforms like Steam, and as such it has been de-listed in multiple places. This is perhaps even more egregious however as the game is primarily single player with barely anyone playing the co-op mode. As such, a primarily offline, single player game has just been wiped because of online features nobody asked for. Seems like a similar story that we’ve heard many times before unfortunately.

So where do we currently stand? Well, the games are still currently not available and Sony haven’t made a statement on this most recent decision. Who knows then if this will actually be reversed… I have my doubts it ever will. That’s all for now, and as always. It’s not just a game, It’s a Life.

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