The Online Yeehaw Simulator

Are those… balls on string?

In a surprising move it seems as though Rockstar will be releasing Red Dead Redmeption Online (the mmo-like multiplayer portion of RDR2) as a standalone game on December 1st for both PC and consoles and will be starting at a heavily reduced price ($5) until February of next year when the price will be around $20.

Now this happening isn’t exactly a massive shocker as Rockstar also announced a while back that GTA Online would also be getting a standalone release late next year and it’s very clear why they are going down this path. By getting people into the game at a cheap price they can build up the playerbase and entice people to really spend in game via the microtransactions the game has. This will no doubt help Rockstar to increase profits and may provide the actual online portion with more of a focus with updates and new content just as GTA Online has had over the years. It’s a profitable move and could really see an Online Rockstar game focus from the company in the future, let’s just hope it doesn’t become their only focus.

That’s all for now, and as always. It’s not just a game, It’s a Life.

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