The Octoport

The day can’t come soon enough!

Well this was a surprise! Square Enix have confirmed that a PC version of the amazing classical-style RPG Octopath Traveller will be coming to Steam on June 7th. This is especially interesting considering the fact that it was originally a Switch exclusive so most people were pretty certain that it wouldn’t be coming to any other platform but lo and behold here it is.

Now there is some note for concern as Square Enix has been known to make questionable decisions when it comes to PC ports of their games. The old Final Fantasy games are a notorious example of the company making the game’s art style look horrid and doing a poor job at porting the UI and controls. Let us hope that they don’t mess this one up and Octopath could potentially bring a completely new audience from the PC crowd and I for one am very excited. Also did anybody say modding support? Because that’s what it coming to PC could mean! I’m almost more excited for what the community will do with the game than the game coming to PC itself. I just really hope that they don’t mess this up as this was one of my most favourite games when it came out and I’m so excited that Square is expanding the game’s horizons.

That’s all for now, and as always. It’s not just a game, It’s a Life.

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