The Name’s Cole…

…Cassidy that is

Activision Blizzard have finally revealed what the new name of one of their Overwatch heroes has become, Cole Cassidy. Previously the cowboy hero was known as McCree and was named after a specific Blizzard employee who as it turned out was involved in the massive sexual abuse scandal at the company and as such the company felt it would be best to remove the reference within the game. They even created a lore reason for it to, claiming that McCree was actually a new name that the character took when he became an outlaw but now he was using his real name, bit odd but ok.

It’s funny to see just how hard Activision Blizzard has steered in the opposite direction as soon as the controversy came out which has very clearly been a calculated move to improve their PR image rather than an act of actual care as to what they have done but regardless of the intentions it’s nice to see a bad person have their reference removed from a big game. I’m sure it will take the Overwatch community a while to get used to this name change but in the long term this will be a good thing, I hope anyway.

That’s all for now, and as always. It’s not just a game, It’s a Life.

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