A Trilogy of Crime

Looking a bit more cell shaded than usual!

Rockstar recently confirmed that they will be releasing a full remaster of 3 of the biggest classic GTA games for both modern consoles and PC. These include GTA 3, Vice City and San Andreas which have all confirmed to have gotten full overhauls to their visuals and lighting engine alongside various other improvements to these classic open-world games.

They also showed off a trailer which showed that Rockstar has gone for a completely different visual style than the originals aiming for a more cartooney presentation which is probably a good direction considering the age of these games but it’s certainly got a few people riled up about it. The other thing people aren’t too happy about are the price of these titles as the trilogy is being sold as a full price game despite these being a collection of almost 20 year old games. Alongside this it’s no longer possible to purchase the originals and as such you are essentially forced to pay for this upgraded version which you might not enjoy the change in visual style of. They have also not confirmed if radio stations will be keeping their original licensed music, an important staple for each of the games and their overall feel as soundtracks often are, so if it ends up that many are missing integral songs then this could be seen as a downgrade for some.

Still it’s best not to speculate and simply wait and see how these are at launch, and we certainly won’t have to wait for too long. The GTA Trilogy comes out on November 11th for digital platforms and December 6/7th for physical copies so if you are still interested in the premise of these games then be sure to keep an eye out for then!

That’s all for now, and as always. It’s not just a game, It’s a Life.

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