The Muck-Up

Oh how could I talk about anything else

So Blizzcon recently happened… don’t worry I will talk about the new Overwatch hero but for now I absolutely had to talk about the absolute joke of an announcement from Blizzard, Diablo Immortal.

To those of you who might not know this game is the newest entry in the Diablo series however it’s a mobile-only game which understandably has many people melting down with frustration and anger. Most irritatingly is the fact that they chose to make this their main announcement this year rather than it just being a side announcement with Diablo 4 being the big show off. As a result many people feel that Blizzard has finally lost touch with the hardcore gaming/PC community as a whole which has been strengthened by the response Blizzard has had to this. Angry comments removed, trailers re-uploaded to stop mass dislikes and in general just censorship across the board over this whole debacle.

I of course have no interest in a mobile Diablo game and from the response to this most of the gaming community also feel the same. Let’s just hope Blizzard can come back to their senses soon… probably not though. That’s all for now, and as always. It’s not just a game, It’s a Life.

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