Beta Impressions

Ahh the trusty Pipe Pistol…

I finally got some time to try out the Beta of Fallout 76 and for my first impressions it’s a bit of a mixed bag. Sure it certainly feels like Fallout 4 in a different setting with multiplayer added to it but I would say that they really need to iron out the bugs, glitches and loading problems as they are really here in bulk.

I wouldn’t say the game is bad though. I actually got paired up with another player right at the start of the game who I will be mentioning in my actual review of this game once it officially comes out. With a player by my side the world seemed not as scary and it was actually quite a fun experience to work out the mechanics and gameplay with him. However once he had to disconnect the world certainly felt empty and scary.

As I said however these are just first impressions, I haven’t played much of the game at all yet. The full review will come after the release of the game in a few weeks so stay tuned to find out what I think of it then! That’s all for now, and as always. It’s not just a game, It’s a Life.

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