The Minecraft Merge

The power of teamwork!

For those that don’t know Minecraft has two distinct versions you can play on PC, Java and Bedrock edition. The reason for the split is that after Mojang was acquired by Microsoft they got to work creating the console versions and also realised at the time that the original software Minecraft was running on was still Java which at the time was an old programming language. Due to this they set to work on the creation of the Bedrock edition which was more stable and had more compatibility options but was less moddable than Java.

You actually had to purchase the Bedrock edition seperately due to the differences between the two versions however as of now Mojang has announced that the two will be combined into a single package that you can have access to if you own at least one of the versions. What this means is that if you own either the Java version of the Bedrock version you will now gain access to the other one for free rather than having to pay seperately for this, neat! This comes at a good time too as the newest Minecraft update, The Wild Update, is set to release very soon so if you’re looking for a reason to hop back into the blocky landscape then now would be a good time!

That’s all for now, and as always. It’s not just a game, It’s a Life.

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