Just Re-Cause

See… see what I did there?

The Just Cause series has always been a catalyst for silly antics and many enjoy them as some of the most open sandbox games you can imagine. It’s no surprise then that Square Enix decided to hold onto Avalanche Studios, the creators of the series, when they were selling off some of their most popular franchises and according to a recent financial report a new entry in the series is currently being developed.

The financial report in question is directly related to the selling of their IP’s and notes that they want to keep the Just Cause franchise to diversify their portfolio of online content for the Western market and that a new title is being worked on to do exactly that. Now something of note here is how the report mentions ‘online’ games specifically as Just Cause hasn’t had any official online play before and only had an incredibly popular mod that was released for Just Cause 2 that allowed people to play online on servers with others. Thus it can be seen that the new entry will probably be an mmo-esque title of sorts similar to how GTA Online is currently. While that does sound like a fun time, especially considering how prone the games are to wanton destruction, it’s also concerning considering how heavy Square Enix has been leaning on blockchain and NFT games recently, so I wouldn’t be too sure about this. However this is by no means an official confirmation of the game’s existence so I will wait to see what is shown later in the year and judge it once I see how that pans out.

That’s all for now, and as always. It’s not just a game, It’s a Life.

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